NGHIA PHAT Service and Production Co., Ltd

Nghia Phat Service and Production Co., Ltd. was born with the desire to research and manufacture mechanical products, equipment, and supplies, to manufacture machinery and equipment to meet the needs of the mechanical industry. Besides, we also import all kinds of machines from famous foreign brands to further meet the essential desires of many customers.

You will get the necessary equipment and mechanical materials to start production, own your own product brand while still saving time, human resources, increasing productivity, increasing output, reducing costs and increase the competitiveness of products in the market.

Currently, our company's products have been present in most of the provinces and cities across the country. Thanks to the prestige, quality and dedication placed in each product, we have built absolute trust for customers.

Our company always wants to bring customers the highest satisfaction in terms of product quality but still ensure it is suitable for production conditions in Vietnam. Component materials are selected high quality materials, carefully processed, meticulous to every detail. The production process is supervised and tested by qualified and dedicated engineers.

With a variety of machine models such as the machine will be comfortable for you to choose.

All products are subject to automation or semi-automatic standards according to customer requirements. As a mechanical company that manufactures mechanical equipment, materials, and equipment, we also flexibly manufacture machines according to the specific requirements, purposes and requirements of each business and production facility. We have tested and upgraded, improved, and fixed common errors, so the machine is completely satisfactory. Customers will receive technical support during the process of transferring the machine and testing the machine right at our facility before transporting it to the location for you to designate.

When buying the product, you will be supported with home delivery and the company's technical staff will come to install and guide you on how to use the machine. Our warranty policy is 12 months after purchase and permanent maintenance throughout the life of the machine with good components, quality assurance. Our company has a team of engineers to repair quickly within 12 - 72 hours. You can rest assured that the production process will not be interrupted.

With many years of experience in manufacturing equipment, mechanical materials, or manufacturing machines of all kinds, we are completely sure that we can cooperate with you to develop in the future. We are proud to be one of the pioneers in the hot and best-selling product lines on the market at the moment.

We will help you invest in machinery to build your own brand of products, realize your dreams and ambitions to master your product field and produce useful products for yourself and the society. festival.

We will always be with you!